It’s important to choose a plumbing company before you have an emergency – calling the first number you find after something has gone wrong is a risky move! But choosing can be difficult. There are so many options out there and it can be tricky even narrowing them down, let alone choosing one. There is one simple thing that will help, though: choose local.

Narrowing your options down to local plumbers doesn’t just make choosing easier, it also brings many other benefits.

A Reputation You Can Trust

Local plumbers live in your area and typically service homes and business in a small radius.  This means that their reputation relies on the quality of service they provide. Choose a local company with good online reviews and a track record of achievement. Once you have found a reliable company, it’s good to stick with them – this will help them get to know your plumbing system and needs, making future services much easier.

Local Knowledge for Local Needs

Building codes and other factors vary from area to area and violating them could lead to fines or other problems. By choosing a local plumber you can rest assured they will understand the regulations for your area. This means the job will be done the right way the first time. A local plumber will also understand the ins and outs of the local sewage system, weather patterns, and other factors that may affect your plumbing.

Reliable Service When You Need Them

A local plumbing service can get to your fast when something goes wrong. Plumbing disasters never seem to happen at a convenient time, but you can always trust a local plumbing service. If your pipe bursts in the middle of a night or you can’t get hot water for your morning shower – a genuine disaster – a local plumber can be there fast.

Boland Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Canberra, so you can rely on us.

Free Quotes

More often than not you’ll be able to get a free no obligation quote for the work you need to be undertaken. This is comforting, particularly if your budget already needs to stretch to cover the repairs needed.

Support Your Local Community

When you choose a local plumber, you are helping your local economy too. They also purchase parts from local suppliers and the cycle helps to keep the community employed. As well as knowing that you are helping to create a stronger local community, you’re also more likely to receive fast service, competitive quotes, and exclusive local specials. Local businesses will also appreciate you choosing them, particularly when you share your positive experiences with friends and family who live nearby too.

Your Local Plumber in Canberra


Based in the Canberra suburb of Gungahlin, and with years of experience, Boland Plumbing can provide fast, professional plumbing services in Canberra – including 24/7 emergency plumbing. Whether you need hot water repairs, a blocked drain unclogged, or a burst pipe fixed, our team can help, get in touch today.