Sick of running out of hot water at home? Does it always seem to be your two-minute shower that goes cold after the kids have been under the water for 20 minutes? Nowadays, you don’t need to put up with running out of hot water. Call us, and we will supply and install an instantaneous hot water system in Canberra and surrounding areas, including Queanbeyan and Yass.

    Why should you have instantaneous hot water in Canberra?

    There are several reasons that you should splash out and invest in instantaneous hot water in your home. Here are just a few:

    1. It’s an everyday luxury

    Sometimes, you just want to warm your bones on a cold, foggy Canberra afternoon. Let yourself run the water hot for as long as you want – you deserve it.

    2. It’s not a guilty pleasure

    Just because you’re letting the water run hot, you don’t have to feel guilty. When you have a large tank, you actually have to pay for the cost of maintaining the temperature of the stored water 24/7. But an instantaneous hot water system only heats the water on demand.

    3. Save the space

    We all know that the cost of real estate is expensive. Why take up precious space with a big water tank?

    4. Reduce greenhouse emissions

    Instantaneous hot water systems are also referred to as ‘tankless’ hot water systems. They actually produce about a third of the greenhouse gas emissions of electric hot water tanks.

    5. Lower costs in the long run

    Tanks have a lifespan of about 10 years, while tankless hot water systems last about 20 years. With a tank, you have to get hot water servicing by a licensed plumber (which we are happy to do for you), but there is no need if you install an instantaneous hot water system. Why not call us out to maintain your hot water servicing, and decide whether the expense of a tank is worth it in comparison to instantaneous hot water?

    Besides these five good reasons for instantaneous hot water, there are many more. Call us today – we can supply and install instantaneous hot water systems in Canberra and surrounding suburbs. We service Queanbeyan and Yass as well as the entire Canberra region. Our systems are suited to small and medium load systems, and deliver up to 32 litres per minute. You’ll never have to have a cold shower again.