Emergency Plumbing – Servicing Canberra, Queanbeyan and Yass


    It’s no use waiting until there’s an emergency before trying to find a suitable plumber. At 3am when your kitchen has been transformed into an indoor pool, or you’re knee deep in water from a burst pipe, it’s always helpful to know exactly who to call in order to get the situation resolved swiftly and professionally. We are locally based in Canberra, so if you’re anywhere in the city or over in Queanbeyan or Yass, we can be with you swiftly when you need us. What’s more, we don’t charge a call-out fee, even if you need us out-of-hours.

    We tackle everything from blocked drains to hot water systems

    No matter what the emergency might be, we’ve got the right skills and equipment to solve the problem, quickly and effectively. Whether your drain is causing an unwanted back flow into your sink, or you’ve ended up with no hot water due to a leak or fault, we can quickly assess the situation and put in place appropriate remedial action. Because we’ve invested heavily in our equipment, we’ve got the right tools to tackle a wide range of situation; you won’t find us having to make repeated journeys in order to source you the parts or tools needed to get the job done.

    We’re here when a domestic emergency won’t wait

    While turning the water off at the mains is a surefire way of shutting off the supply, it’s obviously no use as a long term solution. Rather than try and manage for a day or so until you can find a plumber that’s available, call us out now and we can get the problem sorted. Even if the fault is complex and requires a fresh installation or extensive pipework, we will still usually be able to isolate the affected system, allowing you to enjoy water in the rest of your home.

    Don’t leave leaks to get worse

    Unfortunately it’s rare that a leak will resolve on its own. Almost invariably, without the correct intervention, plumbing problems just get worse. If you’re faced with a drip or seep, don’t leave it! Give us a call now and we’ll come out to your home or business in Canberra, Quaenbeyan or Yass and sort out the issue before it turns into a major incident. If you’re looking for friendly, dependable and cost-effective solutions from a local plumbing company, we’re here to help.

    Call Us for Fast Service 24/7

    Boland Plumbing is the emergency plumber your need. Our 24/7 plumbers can be onsite fast, fixing your plumbing ASAP. If you need help with your plumbing, emergency hot water repairs, or any other services right now, call us on 02 6154 3909 or 0413 257 202 for all the fast help you need. If it’s more convenient, contact us online. We’ll be right over!