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    If you find your sinks or showers are slow to drain, it could be that a blocked drain is the problem. Over time, silt, grime, dirt and detritus can begin to collect on the inside of pipes, eventually leading to a total or partial block. Unfortunately a blocked pipe is unlikely to resolve itself; left in this condition, stagnant waste pools and begins to decompose, potentially causing a significant health hazard. In this situation, prompt attention by a skilled plumber that has the right equipment to give the pipe a really good clean is essential. Handily located for homes and businesses in and around Canberra, we are ideally placed to help with blocked drains of any size.

    No job too big or small

    In some cases the block will be only a few metres from the start of your domestic waste pipe; in other circumstances blocks may be many metres away, or perhaps spread around a pipe junction, causing waste to back up in your property and your neighbour’s. We use high grade equipment to clear the block successfully in every case, no matter where it’s located. Even if there are bends in the pipe, we still have the expertise to resolve the problem promptly and completely.

    We can sort out complex blocks

    In some cases, the block may not be caused by waste, but rather by something that’s managed to get into the pipe from another source; tree roots, unfortunate animals or pieces of rubbish can all cause block problems. If there’s a lingering smell on your property or you notice unwanted back flow into your bath or sink, it’s time to call us out to fix the issue. We’ll carefully check your pipe to find out where the problem is, then ensure the block is removed, leaving it clean, clear and ready for use again.

    Cost-effective service

    Our aim is to provide an affordable service that’s specifically geared to the needs of local homeowners and businesses in Canberra and the surrounding area. Our friendly, professional team endeavour to give all our customers a top grade service, combining technical expertise with a skillful approach that always gives you the results you want. Whether you’ve got a kitchen sink that’s in need of attention, or you’re considering an entire sewer line for repair, we offer an affordable, good quality service which provides a rapid, straight-forward solution to your sewer pipe needs.